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Dear reader,

when Christmas is approaching, I am always amazed by the speed at which the year appears to have flown by. Even more so in the past few years, since joining LASER COMPONENTS Nordic. Both our local organization, as well as the global one, is experiencing a continuous growth and even more opportunities to prove ourselves at the competitive photonics markets. For our local organization this means that we’re now adding more skilled people to the sales team, to keep up with the increasing demand for our products. In January, we are happy to welcome Harvey Washbrook to the team. Harvey has many years’ experience of sales in the field of photonics, both to the Nordic research community and to the industry. We are confident that our ability to serve our customers will get a real boost and we look forward to receiving all your inquiries for new projects.

In this issue of Photonics News Nordic, we will present several interesting customer applications in areas as diverse as laser material processing for clothing, ship building, archaeology, and going to the movies.
Low-friction, flat, and flexible laser welds are ideal for garments that come into contact with the skin. See how it’s done.
Our lasers are frequently used in very demanding alignment applications. The Norwegian Bliss was put to sea in February this year and this impressive 333,4 m long vessel is one example of what we can help our customers achieve.
Archaeology has always fascinated me, just as lasers always have. So, using LiDAR for uncovering ancient civilizations is twice the fun!
Last, how exactly can IR detectors be used in the cinema? Find out.

Next year will be a busy one, especially in terms of exhibitions and conferences. I won’t say too much about it now, but an invitation to Photonics West 2019 is in order. We’re in booth #1751 and this year both entrances will be opened, so it will be easy to reach us. See you there!


Mikael Winters

Lasers for Leisure Time

  • A Glimpse into the Future
    Are lasers soon tailoring sports clothing?
  • Building Cruise Liners
    Optoelectronic positioning at MEYER WERFT

Technologies in Use

  • Piercing through the Jungle
    Optoelectronic LiDAR measuring uncovers the secrets of ancient civilizations.

Summer Time – Movie Time?

  • The Smell of Suspense
    Scientists use IR spectrometry to measure emotions in movie theaters


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