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Press Releases

We regularly update news editors and other interested parties with our news ticker. All newsworthy information at LASER COMPONENTS is available here first! You will find the press releases in chronological order below. If you are looking for press releases from a specific department, use the navigation bar on the side. We differentiate between general company news and news from the product groups: photodiodes, IR components, photon counters, lasers, measurement devices, fiber-optical components, optics, and laser accessories.

Press Release - Laser Accessories

Conversion screens, current amplifiers, laser diodes, drivers, and laser protection: You will find the latest developments here.

New IR Sensor Cards

LASER COMPONENTS has added three new models to its portfolio of IR sensor cards: LDT-007BN for low-power Nd:YAG lasers converts IR radiation of...


Since the coating material used so far is no longer available, LASER COMPONENTS is forced to cancel production of its LDT-007, LDT-007B and LDT-1064M...

IR Sensor Card

LASER COMPONENTS presents four new conversion screens for the infrared wavelength range:The LDT-008TL makes laser radiation visible in the wavelength...


They really exist: curtains made of metal panels that are mounted to the ceiling, can be moved freely, and offer the extraordinary protection of...

Laser Safety Catalog

LASER COMPONENTS has released a laser safety catalog: From personal protection equipment to complete protection solutions for open spaces, everything...

IR Sensor Card

The path of invisible laser radiation can be verified using detector cards. They are ready for immediate application and do not have to be activated...


LASER COMPONENTS presents the quTAU, a time-to-digital converter that records the timestamps of electrical signals - extremely important in...

Certified Acrylic Laser Protective Windows by Laser Components

Unlike laser safety eyewear, laser protective windows do not legally have to be certified according to DIN EN 207. LASER COMPONENTS does it anyway –...

To align laser modules as comfortably and exactly as possible and simultaneously save as much time as possible, LASER COMPONENTS has developed its...

Laser protective metal wall for high-power applications

To quickly and flexibly shield a laser working station, LASER COMPONENTS now also offers laser protective walls available in stock. Two strengths are...