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FLEXPOINT® MVsquare Line Laser Module

No Cares! Be Square!


One major challenge in the series production of 3D sensor systems for industrial image processing is the fine adjustment of the line laser. Focus and beam position must be set correctly for each individual module. The MVsquare offers a remedy for this: Its rectangular housing serves as a clear reference surface for the alignment of the line during installation. All parameters are set at the factory according to customer specifications and the module can be integrated without further adjustments. Since mechanical elements such as the focusing mechanism are not required, the customer can be sure that all parameters remain unchanged even after installation.

For applications in which every millimeter counts, the MVsquare is also available in a version in which the laser beam is deflected by 90° and exits the side of the housing. This saves considerable space in the z-axis, especially when installed in small sensor housings: Instead of the total module length of 65 mm, it is only necessary to reserve 15 mm. Nothing changes in the beam parameters.


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Contact Person:    Svante Karlsson
Company:    Laser Components Nordic AB
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