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M-Shaper for Optimal Scanning Results

Diffractive Optical Elements


Do you scan using a laser? Then you are probably familiar with the problem of illuminating a line uniformly using a dot laser.

To date, customers have used round Top-Hat elements as DOEs for the purpose of creating a homogeneous line; however, this has always led to a decrease in the distribution of intensity at the edge across the width of the line.
The M-shaper is a different story! It is perfectly suited for a high homogeneity in all directions. This diffractive optical element changes your laser beam in such a way that the intensity at the edge (flanks) is higher than in the center of the element. If you look at a cross section of the intensity distribution, the shape is similar to the letter M. Do you see it, too?

To put it another way: If you use the M-shaper to scan across a line, then you will achieve the beam quality of a Top-Hat element both in length and width and thus optimal scanning results! Neither with refractive nor with reflective elements can this be achieved.

Fifteen different standard designs are available; naturally, we offer custom solutions to meet your specifications. Tell us your requirements!


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Diffractive Optical Elements for Beam Shaping

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Round TopHat Element

M-Shaper Profile

Accumulated Intensity of Scanning Gaussian

Accumulated Scanning M-Shaped TopHat