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Optomechanical Components

When it comes to optomechanical components, we differentiate between those used in laboratory applications and parts for high-power lasers. Optomechanical mounts and beam dumps belong in every laboratory. We offer both beam delivery components and complete lens systems for powerful lasers.

Optomechanics covers many fields. Optical mounts, mirror mounts, kinematic mounts, slides, accessories for optical benches and much more are available.

Beam dumps block laser radiation in a controlled manner. We have versions available with air-cooling and water-cooling.

Robust beam delivery components are required for high-power lasers. Mechanical devices for beam deflection/splitting, beam switches, cutting heads, welding heads are available.

Our lens systems include objectives for beam expansion, F-Theta lenses (i.e., scan lenses or lens systems for use in galvo systems), and achromatic lens systems.

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