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Laser Safety Products

Laser safety glasses are a vital piece of personal safety equipment when working with lasers.
Laser safety curtains are used to protect large spaces within a room against laser radiation. This section includes protective guards for windows.
Beam dumps block laser radiation securely and in a controlled manner. Beam dumps designed with air-cooling and water-cooling systems are available for high power lasers.

Acrylic Laser Protective Windows

Acrylic laser protective windows for assembly in housings, protective walls, and curtains.

Laser Protective Windows

To monitor processes, acrylic laser protective windows can be integrated in housings, protective walls, and even curtains if the laser power is low.

Laser Components offers three filter materials, all of which are available immediately and certified according to DIN EN 207. They are suited for many applications in the UV-IR range. The precise protective classes can be taken from the datasheets.

The following three filter materials are available for selection:

6NDY, BB2, IR3


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