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Single Photon Counting Modules

Single photon counting modules. So-called single photon counting modules are used to count single photons. These photon counters, sold under the brand name COUNT®, offer phenomenally low dark count rates and a high detection efficiency.

Photon Counting Module COUNT<sup>®</sup> NIR


Single photon counting modules with a detection efficiency >50% at 810 nm!


The COUNT® NIR is a single photon counting module for the NIR. It features an APD with enhanced detection efficiency around 810 nm. This wavelength plays an important role in quantum cryptography applications.

The outstanding performance is based on a proprietary APD design that was developed by the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group out of Arizona. This is what gives LASER COMPONENTS the opportunity to take the technology to where their customers need it to be.

  • Extremely low dark count rates < 50 cps
  • Detection efficiency > 50% at 810  nm
  • Single 12 V DC supply operation
  • Stable count rate (no bi-stability)

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