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Lasers/Detector Modules

So-called transceivers combine an optical sender and receiver in a single housing. Low-noise InGaAs PIN photodiodes are integrated as the receiver, whereas LEDs are integrated as the sender.

Transmitter and receiver

Ethernet Transmitters / Receiver

Quick and easy Ethernet upgrade with single mode lines.

Lasers/Detector Modules

PD-LD, Inc.’s PLD-1315-series optical transmitters and PLD-231X-series receivers are perfectly suited for single-mode extensions of Ethernet installations.

Data transfer rates up to 150 Mbit/s at 1310 nm via a 9/125 µm single-mode fiber can be achieved. The parts with the same housing dimensions as regular transmitters and receivers make it possible for the developer to switch systems from 850-nm (multi-mode) to single-mode operation. This is done by exchanging the optical components on the circuit board.

Transmitter TX

The transmitters PLD-1315 contain an ELED that can be coupled very efficiently into a single-mode fiber. Therefore, the control circuit can be designed similar to that for a multi-mode transmitter.

Receiver RX

The receiver PLD-231X uses an InGaAs PIN photodiode with a 75-µm diameter as well as a low noise silicon transimpedance amplifier (TIA). The receiver is available with automatic amplification control (AGC) as a model PLD-2315 or without AGC as a model PLD-2317.

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