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FLEXPOINT® Dot and Line Lasers

FLEXPOINT® laser modules are developed and manufactured in house directly at LASER COMPONENTS. No two laser modules are alike. The FLEXPOINT® laser modules can be assembled according to the customer’s individual specifications. Simply inquire with us!

Red Line Laser Module
Red and green line lasers

FLEXPOINT® Line Lasers from 520 nm - 905 nm

Laser Components offers line lasers with different fan angles in the wavelength range from 520-905 nm and a power output of up to 100 mW.

FLEXPOINT® Dot and Line Lasers

Precise positioning and measurement systems require a high-quality laser source. The laser modules of the FLEXPOINT® series are of the highest quality.

Line lasers can be produced with different fan angles to ensure that the correct line length in the working distance is always projected. Upon request, the laser line can be optimized for a customer-specified working distance in order to produce optimal imaging results (e.g., line width). Laser diodes are available in the wavelength range from 520-905 nm. The output power can be set according to customer specifications from a few microwatts up to 100 mW. We also build laser modules that have to be assigned to a specific laser class (e.g., laser class 1, 1M, 2, 2M, or 3R).

As an option, all line lasers can be modulated or equipped with an external power adjustment. The supply voltage is typically 4.5-6 VDC or 4.5-30 VDC. Standard housings measure 57 mm x 11.5 mm; however, customer-specific housings can also be manufactured and used.

FLEXPOINT® laser modules are all "made in Germany" and have been the standard in positioning and measurement tasks for more than 10 years.

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Red line lasers are primarily used for positioning and marking tasks in the medical field, industry, and laser system technology – in medical technology to position patients and in industry to align machines, etc. Line lasers are also used in measurement technology.

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