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FLEXPOINT® Dot and Line Lasers

FLEXPOINT® laser modules are developed and manufactured in house directly at LASER COMPONENTS. No two laser modules are alike. The FLEXPOINT® laser modules can be assembled according to the customer’s individual specifications. Simply inquire with us!

532 nm FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> laser module

Green FLEXPOINT® 532 nm

The human eye is ten times more sensitive to green lasers. Different types of laser modules are available at 532 nm.

FLEXPOINT® Dot and Line Lasers

These "green" laser modules – made by LASER COMPONENTS – are available with either a circular beam profile or line generating optics. The maximum output power for both versions is 10 mW.

Remarkable is the small size of the green DPSS module. Similar to the red and blue modules made by LASER COMPONENTS, the dimensions are just 57 mm in length and 11.5 mm in diameter. A multitude of options (e.g. digital or analogous modulation) make these modules a versatile tool.



Since a green laser beam is almost ten times more visible to the human eye than a red beam of equal power, green laser modules are mainly used as line generators for positioning tasks or with a circular beam profile as a pilot laser.

Lasers made in Germany

During the development of the modules one important goal was to release a product that clearly distinguished itself from the competition in the Far East. LASER COMPONENTS has managed to reach the same quality standard for the green modules as our customers came to expect from our red and blue FLEXPOINT® lasers. Standard modules can be delivered ex stock and custom solutions are available upon request.

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