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Laser Power Detectors

Get accurate measurements with fast response times with Gentec-EO's thermopile or pyroelectric power meters. Available with various absorbers, with the highest damage thresholds you can find in their category, these power meters cover a wide range going from the nanowatts to multi-kilowatts.

Mobile Power Meter with Silicon Sensor by Gentec-EO

Handheld Power Meters

Gentec-EO's PRONTO: Handheld power meters for the fast and easy measurement of laser power.

Laser Power Detectors

LASER COMPONENTS offers an handheld laser power meter used to quickly and easily determine laser power.

Due to its compact design, the PRONTO-250 fits into practically any pocket and is suited for laser power levels between 1 watt and 250 watts.

Depending on the model, the PRONTO-HighPower can be used for power levels of up to 10 kW and also features a large measurement aperture.

Both devices are equipped with broadband sensors that feature the highest damage threshold available on the market in their class.

Fast reaction time, large aperture (55 mm), and the highest damage threshold in its class—these are the key parameters of the PRONTO-HighPower laser power meter.

Since the 500 W model has a fast measurement time of only five seconds, several measurements can be obtained without cooling. Due to its low noise level (0.1 W), it is possible to make power measurements as low as 2 W.

Thanks to its metal housing, this unit, which was developed by Gentec-EO, is extremely long lasting. With its easy operation and reaction times that are twice as fast as most other devices, the PRONTO-HighPower can perform more measurements in less time. This device has been calibrated for a wavelength range of 248 nm to 2,500 nm; in addition, a standard correction factor for 10.6 µm (CO2 lasers) has been included. A traceable calibration for 10.6 µm is also available on an optional basis.

Pocket-sized device for fast and precise power measurement between 1 watt and 250 watts: this is made possible by the mobile “PRONTO-250” power meter.

This device features a broadband power sensor (with an aperture of 19 mm) that has the highest damage threshold in its class.

Thanks to the color touchscreen display with its self-explanatory symbols, the wavelength and the brightness and orientation of the display can be adjusted quickly to meet the corresponding measurement task.

The measurement itself is carried out at the push of a button within seconds.

The integrated memory stores the measurement results; the data can be transmitted to a PC using a USB interface.

The USB connection is also used to recharge the integrated Li ion battery, which has a capacity for up to 4,000 measurements (a maximum of 17 hours of operation).

The PRONTO-250 is available with broadband calibration for wavelengths in the range from 248 nm to 2.5 µm, as well as for 10.6 µm (CO₂ lasers).

Alternatively, the PRONTO-250-PLUS is available. It has a significantly wider range of functions (continuous power measurement up to a maximum of 8 W and single-pulse energy measurement).

Due to the unit’s compact dimensions and weight of just 210 g, the PRONTO-250 is the ideal measuring device for manufacturers, service technicians, and last but not least users of laser marking systems, for example.

In addition, two integrated threaded holes for standard optic mounts facilitate safe “freehand” operation.

PRONTO-50-W5 is equipped with a special sensor featuring an outstandingly high damage threshold. It supports measurements on lasers with high power densities at wavelengths from 250 nm to 2500 nm and powers from 0.5 W to 50 W.

With the PRONTO Si, it is possible to measure low output power in the wavelength range from 320 nm to 1,100 nm.

The PRONTO Si can be folded: thus, it is compact and protects both the sensor and color touchscreen display. The highly-sensitive silicon sensor measures power significantly less than 1 nW. With an integrated upstream OD1 attenuator, this measurement range can be extended into the three-digit mW range.

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