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Low Cost OEM Modules

As an inexpensive alternative to FLEXPOINT® laser modules Laser Components offers a series of the smallest laser modules. Both dot lasers in 10 differently-sized housings and a line laser are available. The smallest dot laser has a housing diameter of just 3.3 mm. These laser modules are available at 635/650 nm and 780/850 nm.


Low-Cost Green Dot Lasers

Low-cost, compact dot lasers at 520 nm or 532 nm are more visible to the human eye than red lasers.

Low Cost OEM Modules

The LC-LMD-525-120-01-A module uses a direct green semiconductor diode at 520 nm and has an output power of <1 mW. Alternatively, we offer the AML-53041XX-01 module, which uses a diode-pumped solid-state laser at 532 nm as the laser source. Both laser modules feature a collimated beam.

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