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High-Power Laser Systems

High-power visible lasers up to 8 W in the red spectral range (at 640 nm), 3.5 W in the green spectral range (at 532 nm), and up to 10 W in the blue spectral range (at 445 nm): in addition to selected wavelengths, multi-color/RGB lasers are also available.

RGB Laser Lighting System

Multi-Color/RGB Lasers

User-defined laser module with up to eight wavelengths

High-Power Laser Systems

The IR-RGB-V NovaLum makes it possible to produce a user-defined laser module with up to eight wavelengths. This laser has a 400-micron connector and can be integrated into an OEM system without a problem when combined with NECSEL’s intelligent controller.

In addition to laser projection, these lasers are also used in medical technology, endoscopy, phosphorus illumination, and in illumination.

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