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Optical Detectors

The optical detectors are offered for both power or energy measurements. Measure as low as a few femtojoules in energy or a few picowatts in power. Our optical detectors are also offered in standalone formats, where the electronics are integrated in the head, or as standard sensors.

Optical detector for energy measurement

Optical Detectors for Energy Measurement

Measure as low as a few femtojoules in energy. All listed optical detectors from Gentec-EO are used for the laser energy measurement.

Optical Detectors

These optical detectors for laser energy measurement can be read out either with the analog display unit APM or with all other Gentec-EO monitors, depending on the desired noise behavior.

With the APM a direct data readout at the oscilloscope is possible!

Do not lose your photons anymore. With a quantum efficiency QE > 99% the TRAP is the hightes efficiency detecor in the photonics world.

Have your onw golden calibration standard. The high QE makes it an excellent, standalone, calibration transfer standard. Incredible is the spatial uniformity that is better than 0.02%. Also excellent the low calibration uncertainty <2% from 401 nm to 980 nm.

The device is optimized for both types of lasers: low divergence or collimated beams.

Optical TRAP detectors measures power from pW to mW when used with the TRAP-PREAMP amplifier that provides a direct digital readout.

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