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Laser Modules

Available under the brand name FLEXPOINT®, our laser modules are produced in house, making it possible for us to create almost any design and customer-specific housings. An in-house series for use in digital image processing is also available.
FLEXPOINT® MV line lasers were developed for digital image processing. ALBALUX is a series of white light sources.

Pattern generators for laser modules
Laser Pattern Generator

Pattern Generators for FLEXPOINT® Laser Modules

Various examples for your application

Laser Module Accessories

Some applications require special laser patterns that can be produced by so-called diffractive optical elements. These optics are computer generated and are manufactured cheaply in mass production by copying the master optic. These optics can be permanently integrated into a FLEXPOINT® laser module or delivered in a pluggable plastic mount.

In industrial image processing lasers are used for special types of illumination. Often a pattern projection is required that may be implemented with the help of a diffractive optical element (DOE).

These optics, which are used to create the structured light, may be fixated in a FLEXPOINT® laser module or mounted to the module as a removable cap.

Pattern Variations
The following patterns are available: line, cross-hair, multiple line (often referred to as multi-line), dot matrices, circle, and grid.


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