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Preamplifiers for PSDs

Preamplifiers for PSDs. Preamplifiers can be used in position sensitive detectors (PSDs), differential diodes, and quadrant photodiodes.

Preamplifiers for PSDs

Amplifiers for PSDs, Differential Diodes, and Quadrant Diodes

Preamplifiers for PSDs

There are two varieties of preamplifiers available for position-sensitive detectors (PSDs).

LC-301DQD OEM module: Preamplifier boards for one and two-dimensional PSDs with three amplifier stages.

They are particularly easy to use and very flexible. The integrated timer allows the direct connection and synchronization of a laser/LED in order to generate the light spot which is to be positioned. To adjust to the intensity of the light source, the transimpedance amplifier (TIA) has three levels of operation. Customer-specific solutions are also available.


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