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Laser Alignment Systems

Laser alignment system. Alignment using a laser system has many advantages. Laser alignment systems are highly precise and can be applied flexibly with ease.

STRAIGHTliner ECO Laser Alignment System

Measure the straightness of the axes and the position of one machine relative to another with a single laser easily and inexpensively.

Laser Alignment Systems

The STRAIGHTliner ECO alignment system is proof that alignment does not have to be time-consuming, complicated, or expensive.

Using a precision laser, a reference line is applied to the object to be measured. The receiver is then moved along this reference line to display the deviations from the line with LEDs of a different color. Nine LEDs each are integrated into the receiver housing along the x-axis and the y-axis. The LED in the middle is green and symbolizes the central position of the laser on the detector within a tolerance of 0.08 mm. The other LEDs in orange and red indicate an additional deviation of 0.3 mm each from the ideal line.

As the measurement is carried out permanently, it is possible to align an object directly while monitoring it “live.”

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