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Accessories for Photon Counter

Plug and play. Both the power supply and the single detectors count as accessories for the photon counters.

Time-to-digital Converter for Photon Counters

Counting and evaluation system with 8 input channels and a time resolution of 81 ps.

Readout Electronics

The quTAU is a time-to-digital converter with 8 input channels and a time resolution of 81 ps. The arrival times of the TTL incoming pulses are stored digitally and can be transferred to a PC using the USB 2.0. The quTAU not only counts and stores individual events but coincidences between two or more channels as well. The coincidence time window can be easily set by the user.

To integrate this system into an experimental setup, both a DLL and example software for LabViewTM and C/C++ are available.

Application:As a counting and evaluation system, the quTAU can be easily connected to the COUNT® series modules using a BNC cable.

With the help of the software provided, counter events and coincidence measurements can be carried out and stored. 

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