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Fiber Connectors

In the world of fibers, there are at least as many connector types as fiber types and core diameters. The core diameters of fibers in sensor and measurement technology range from 50 μm to 1500 μm. At LASER COMPONENTS you will find the right connector for each of them. We have all common connector systems in different bore sizes in stock and also manufacture ferrules and sleeves according to your specifications.

Toslink Fiber Optical Connectors

Toslink Connector System

The most well-known applications for Toslink connectors are optical networks, industrial electronics, and consumer electronics.

Fiber Connectors

“Toslink” is the leading brand for F05 and F07 connectors according to the Japanese industry standard (JIS). There they were developed in the 1980s for the digital transmission of audio signals.

These connectors have a ferrule diameter of 2.5 mm and are used exclusively for SI 200/230 μm and 1 mm plastic fibers.

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