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IR Arrays

Powerful IR arrays were developed for applications in NIR spectroscopy. Arrays made of InGaAs and extended InGaAs are available.


xInGaAs Linear Array

The IG22/IG26 array consists of 256 rectangular pixels made of extended InGaAs with a TE2 cooler.

IR Arrays

LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group manufactures the 256 pixel array with an element size of 30 µm x 250 µm and a pitch of 50 µm. The IG22 series extended InGaAs arrays are designed for spectroscopy up to 2.1 µm, while the IG26 series arrays are designed for up to 2.5 µm.

The arrays have the following special features:

  • ROIC with integrated auto zero: The cooling requirements of this unit are reduced and a large dynamic range maintained.
  • "Dark pattern" due to the auto zero of the input offset. This results in a particularly large dynamic range.
  • Eight different amplification levels. This allows an optimal signal-to-noise ratio to be achieved for each pixel.
  • Integrated anti-alias filter.
  • Optimized thermal design.


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