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Electronics Production at LASER COMPONENTS

To meet customer specifications quickly and flexibly, LASER COMPONENTS opened its own electronics production facility. At this facility, circuit boards are designed to drive PLDs and APDs. We also manufacture prototypes before they go into series production. Another major field is the individual production of customer-specific products!

Production Steps
Our customers state their electronics requirements, and our R&D engineers create an appropriate CAD design. This software directly controls the circuit board milling machine for the production of prototypes. Electronic components are applied manually during this developmental stage. The results of a comprehensive inspection of these prototypes determine whether they proceed to series production.


PLD Modules
One example of a series product is our PLD modules. With these modules pulsed laser diodes can be operated safely, resulting in an optimal and thus reliable driver. The PLD is already integrated into the module. One unique product is our adjustable modules, which allow the continuous adjustment of both the output power and pulse length. They are particularly well suited for product R&D to test the ideal settings.

High Voltage Modules for the Operation of APDs
Temperature-stabilized high voltage modules are particularly well suited for the operation of Avalanche photodiodes (APDs). Output voltage and temperature compensation can both be matched exactly to the APD being used. Connecting the module and the APD is simple, and can be done with the help of the supplied diagram.


APD Modules

The APD modules are based on low-noise avalanche photodiodes made of either silicon or InGaAs with a built-in pre-amplifier and high voltage supply. A temperature compensation function allows the APD to be operated at constant gain across a wide operating temperature range.

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