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Laser Modules from LASER COMPONENTS

Having originated from customer requests for very specific OEM products, the laser module production facility has simultaneously become a site for design and development as well as a reliable site for small and large series production. Today, under the FLEXPOINT® trademark thousands of laser modules are being produced in various designs annually.


FLEXPOINT laser modules consist of a cw laser diode (405-905 nm) or a DPSS (diode pumped solid state) module (532 nm), application-specific optics (dot, line, cross-hair, or DOE optics), electronics, and a potential-free housing. Different wavelengths and power levels as well as different drivers with digital or analog modulation increase the flexibility of the miniature laser system. Only electronics that have been developed by us are used in the modules. All FLEXPOINT laser modules are CE certified and conform to RoHS standards. The laser class of each module is specified according to DIN EN 60825-1.


In addition to the latest developmental tools in the area of optical design and beam profiling, a 3D CAD system is being used that can simulate an entire laser module in the preliminary stages of development, which saves time and money on expensive and time-consuming “trial-and-error” phases. Small mechanical tasks can be performed directly at the attached workshop. LASER COMPONENTS offers its customers the option of developing a custom laser module that is suited directly to the application and then produce it in series. We will accompany you every step of the way – from the idea to series production – never losing sight of our premise to always offer the customer the module that is best suited for the application at hand.