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Ultrasonic cleaner for laser optics
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Hard dielectric coatings for laser optics

The company stopped being a sole distributor in 1986 when it started its own in-house production of hard dielectric coatings for laser optics and laser rods. It was not long before the name LASER COMPONENTS ranked among the top suppliers of optics in the laser industry. Well-known laser manufacturers count on our optics, which cover the complete spectral range from 193 nm (UV) to 3.2 µm (MIR).

Inside our specially-developed, high-vacuum chambers containing an electron beam gun, we coat both our own as well as substrates supplied by customers with diameters ranging from 4 mm up to Ø 390 mm. Furthermore, our machine shop manufactures holders for substrates with special sizes. Rush jobs can be done within 24 hours upon request.

New on our in-house production line is an ion-assisted coater (IAD). With its help we are able to coat high power laser optics in such a compact way that the water virtually has no chance of embedding itself. With process temperatures of less than 100 °C it is also possible to equip fully assembled fibers, plastic lenses, and glued and assembled optics with a hard, laser-proof coating.

The department has five such coaters. One of these coaters uses sputter technology which allows us to manufacture even better optics for the next generation of lasers.
Some of our specialties include the manufacture of glass parabolic mirrors for thin disk lasers, adaptive optics, and Gaussian mirrors.