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About us

The cultural model of a company is the basis for its innovative ability. Our work atmosphere is one that encourages creativity but also demands high quality products and service. All employees play an active role in the continuous optimization of products and processes. We have made it our business to constantly research and develop new and innovative components produced not only in-house, but also as a distributor of products offered by well-known international manufacturers.


In a family business such as LASER COMPONENTS, much value is placed on the family. In turn, the company’s social involvement is also very important.

Both the “LC family,” in which solidarity is particularly strong, and the families of LC employees play a central role in company policy and planning. Family picnics, part-time scheduling for parents, and support in the search for child daycare are just some of the examples of LC’s dedication to the family. Free lunch at the company cafeteria and employee profit sharing are further examples of LC’s commitment to the well-being of its staff members.

LASER COMPONENTS also makes external contributions to society. We would like to present our involvement in social organizations in the region.

Regional Support

Every year, LASER COMPONENTS funds a community project. Our employees select regional institutions to support.  

For example, we funded the Pfennigparade, a rehabilitation center in Munich. The money went to the WKM Werkstatt für Körperbehinderte GmbH (Workshop for the Physically Disabled); WKM invested in their garden social center. 

“With the funding, we were able to renovate the flooring in our lounge area and make the room a more attractive meeting point with a new corner bench,” said Anton Albrecht with many thanks on behalf of WKM. 

The charitable organization 360 Grad e.V., which supports wheelchair users and their families, also received funding. Since March of 2014, they have been regularly organizing a meet and greet with coffee for wheelchair users and their relatives to gather information and exchange experiences. 

Another example is the organization vision for the world. Founded by Max Reindl, this organization supports the prevention and treatment of blindness in countries such as India and Nepal. This organization primarily provides material assistance to help people help themselves.