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Systems Used to Analyze Laser Beams

Testing the power and energy of a laser is important to ensure the safe operation of said laser, both for use in the laboratory and integration into laser processing machines or testing equipment.

Monitors with or without display (PC-based) and for power or energy readings, or both. Gentec-EO also offers the fastest digital needle display on the market.

Wide spectrum for almost every measurement of pulsed energy - Laser energy detectors from Gentec-EO

Gentec-EO’s laser power meters have the highest damage thresholds and are very attractive pricewise.

Optical detectors from Gentec-EO. They are offered for both: power or energy measurements.

Chromium coated pyroelectric quad sensors for the position sensing of cw lasers or pulsed lasers.

Suitable detectors for all non-standard applications. Gentec-EO offers OEM customers the highest flexibility. They will customize existing models or design a whole new detector to meet your needs.

Powerful measuring devices are used to determine all important parameters such as M², spot size, focus position, etc.

Compact measuring devices for the precise determination of the laser wavelength.

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