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Fibre Assemblies and Connectors

Our ready-to-use fibre assemblies are produced in house and available for quick delivery. We provide cables for use in data transmission, medical technology, and high-power transmission as well as fibre bundles for use in illumination or cold light sources. One particular highlight are our fibres with optical coatings. Their AR coatings are available many different wavelength ranges.

Assembled silica fibres for the transmission of high laser powers with D80- SMA or DIN connectors - optionally also with ModeStrip technology.

Fibres for medical technology for the transmission of wavelengths between 300 nm and 2500 nm.

Fibre tips change the radiation characteristics of the fibre. We offer fibre end caps for the input and output coupling of high laser power and spherical lenses, which are used in medical technology.

High tech fibre optic lighting assemblies for medical applications and inexpensive plastic fibres as viable alternative when transmitting light across short distances.

Different connectors are used to integrate optical fibres into a system and create releasable connections. A wide variety of products and various assembly techniques have led to our large selection.

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LASER COMPONENTS assembles customer-specific optical fibres and cables in house. Use our cable configuration tool or contact us directly.

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