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Optical Fibre Processing

We offer tools for a large variety of different types of fibre processing:

This includes the stripping of fibre claddings, the cleaning and cleaving of fibres, and splicing or polishing, depending on the application. Microscopes and/or interferometers are used in the analysis of fibre end surfaces.

We have tools available for all stages of processing, both for field applications and applications in the laboratory. We cover the entire range of fibre diameters to 1.2 mm.

Taper Manufacturing Station (TMS) is the name of the unit used to taper optical fibres. It is also used in the manufacture of fibre bundles and couplers.

The optical fibre is weakened if the heat transfer is too strong, in particular when splicing thick fibres. Its resistance can most effectively be tested using the bend proof tester.

Fibre tips can be shaped using the Lens Forming Station (LFS): With the help of a defined light arc, spherical lenses with a specified shape can be produced.

NORIA: A tool used to inscribe fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) in optical fibres. It contains everything required for this purpose.

The ring-of-fire LDS system is a flexibly-built system used to manufacture splices, tapers, couplers, and special components.

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