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June 2016 Company Newspaper Photonics News


Dear colleagues

As our plants blossom in the summer sun so too have our products.  We now have more products than ever before in the 34 years since the company formed. 

It is a pleasure to share both company manufactured components together with partner suppliers’ products, including but not limited to; Keopsys, iXBlue, Dexter, Femto,  Helioworks, Holo/Or, Omega, Optometrics, PD-LD, PicoLAS and SiTek, to name a few.

Whilst we have a vast range of standard components we specialise in providing custom parameters, so please contact us with your requirements and we’ll look forward to working together.

Chris Varney
Managing Director



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PZ Fibres

Polarising fibres (PZ) only allow one polarisation of light to propagate along the fibre; the other polarisation will experience high losses. This is...

LDP-QCW 300-12

The LDP-QCW 300-12 supplied by LASER COMPONENTS offers a QCW driving solution for high power laser diodes. These compact and efficient current supply...


The Flexpoint® HD (Heavy Duty) series is designed to provide laser users a tough and robust solution for use in environments where most lasers will...

For materials processing laser applications, the result is dependant primarily on the laser beam profile at the work piece.  Analysing the beam...

ZnSe Beamsplitter

A classic 50:50 beam splitter will change the polarisation characteristics of incident light. Circularly-polarised laser radiation is divided into...


Modulator drivers can be used to boost the signal voltage to the levels suitable for the modulator. We are pleased to offer the Photline range of RF...


We are pleased to offer a new thulium fibre laser from Keopsys. The wavelength can be chosen between 1900 and 2050 nm. The CTFL fibre laser has a 1nm...

Blue Laser Diodes

LASER COMPONENTS is proud to supply a range of blue laser diodes in the wavelength range 405 nm (violet) to 488 nm (cyan).  These diodes are...

Hermetic Feedthourgh

Hermetically sealed optical feedthroughs allow optical signals to be guided into a pressure vessel or vacuum chamber. The bulkhead option has a...

Digital Mini-Chrom

We are delighted to offer a range of high performance, low cost monochromators for UV-VIS-NIR, used in research, system integration, quality control...

LASER COMPONENTS has manufactured high quality coated laser optics in house since 1986. For the majority of applications, optomechanical components...

Position Sensing Detectors (PSDs) are becoming more popular thanks to their simple, robust design, and high positional accuracy. To further...

Moving beyond the supply of photonics equipment at component level, LASER COMPONENTS is proud to be a provider of customised and integrated solutions...

FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MVstereo

We are pleased to present our first dedicated random pattern generator; the MVstereo. The MVstereo generates a pseudo random dot matrix of 33,000 eye...

Dexter Research Centre (DRC) in Dexter Michigan USA, has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of thermopile detectors. DRC provide the...


Applications such as gas sensing using nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensors require an IR source to pass through a gas onto an IR detector. Any...

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