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December 2016 Company Newspaper Photonics News


Dear colleagues

As we draw to a close for 2016 the country has seen many surprises especially within the political arena whilst we wait to understand the effects of Brexit. LCUK isn’t immune since our Group is a multi-national company using several currencies. Whilst our expertise lies with photonics we are less fortunate not having a crystal ball (except for the silica type we could manufacture perhaps). What is very encouraging is that we remain on track with our year end growth target, which I am pleased to say was the same last year and the year before that. I hope that our customer and supplier partners also close 2016 on a positive note and that 2017 brings new opportunities. Merry Christmas and enjoy the festive break.

Chris Varney
Managing Director

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FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MV fiber

The new FLEXPOINT® MVfiber laser module is set to revolutionise machine vision technologies. The MVfiber consists of a laser coupled to a single-mode...

The SEEPOS PSD Signal Processing System is our newest position sensing detector (PSD) technology which provides a simple and intuitive software...

Narrow band NIR filters that remain stable spectrally over a wide range of temperatures are essential for a multitude of applications, especially...

LASER COMPONENTS can now supply low cost mobile viewers, used to convert light sources in the IR or UV range to visible green light, which can be...

G6 series

LASER COMPONENTS alongside Haas Laser Technologies Inc. offer a wide range of beam delivery components, including process heads for delivery of the...

Monochromators are used to separate a broadband light source into a narrow wavelength band of interest. We offer Optometrics’ range of high...

905 nm laser diodes

Working in accompaniment with our range of avalanche photodiodes, we are proud to provide a range of pulsed laser diodes at 850 nm, 905 nm and, as a...


To complement the OT-4040 laser alignment system we have developed a larger, 45x45mm reference target for a greater range of measurement and motion...

COUNT<sup>®</sup> BLUE

Offering a unique combination of high quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and ease of use for photon counting applications, the COUNT® BLUE...


We would like to introduce the new Photline ModBox-VNA series from iXBlue. The ModBox-VNA is a family of wide bandwidth up to 65 GHz Optical...

PUFL Series

We now offer the PUFL series of UV fibre lasers from Keopsys. These are pulsed laser sources emitting at 355 nm, delivering high peak power pulse in...

LDP-CW 80-20

Suitable across a wide range of applications, particularly medical owing to the large number of safety and interlock features, the LDP-CW 80-20 is a...


With many companies investing in large laser systems to increase their production capacity the requirement for on-site engineers has increased...

LML Series

The LuxxMaster™ LML series Raman Box combines an award-winning Volume Bragg Grating for unrivalled wavelength stability with a stable and high power...


LASER COMPONENTS offers a high performance narrow linewidth single frequency 1064nm laser.  This External Cavity Laser (ECL) is based on RIO’s...

UV-C 6060 LED

Whilst emitters in UVB wavelengths (280-315 nm) are primarily used in medical technology, applications of UVC LEDs (200-280 nm)...


Communication links based on plastic optical fibres can be pushed to their limit in high-temperature environments. This is because, in addition to...

PbSe Detector

Two or four single lead-salt detector elements are assembled within a single TO-39 or TO-8 housing each with its own IR optical filter, supplied from...

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