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March 2017 Company Newspaper Photonics News


Dear colleagues

It was a pleasure to meet new and existing colleagues at Photonics West 2017 held in San Francisco and to see new products and innovation. We too announced our new 12 element APD array and iXBlue’s new modulator bias controller, both covered in this edition of Photonics News.

In addition we are excited to announce the new improved voltage amplifiers from FEMTO Messtechnik, and our machine vision laser module with a fibre delivered detachable optical head. For this and more please see our website or call our office.

Chris Varney
Managing Director

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LASER COMPONENTS introduces the new iXBlue MBC-DG-LAB automatic bias controllers to lock the operating point of LiNbO3 Mach-Zehnder modulators and to...


FEMTO® Messtechnik GmbH has revised their DHPVA voltage amplifier series, resulting in two new models, the DHPVA-101 (DC - 100 MHz) and DHPVA-201 (DC...

APD Array

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Silicon APD arrays - the SAH1L12 series. The SAH1L12 is a linear APD array featuring 12 elements in...


We are pleased to offer the LeanLine™ line generator from HOLO/OR. This innovative diffractive element is used to transform a round input beam into a...

Holo-OR Ltd.

LASER COMPONENTS is able to provide a flat top beam shaper element, which creates a uniform-intensity beam at a specified working distance. However,...

Laser Protective Curtain

With high power laser systems becoming more accessible to the UK industrial base, the requirement for appropriate laser safety has never been more...

FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MV fiber

Laser modules are now a common sight in products and industrial applications, especially where camera systems are being used for quality checks and...

Laser alignment systems are becoming more and more common in production facilities, manufacturing houses and are even used by installation teams on...


LASER COMPONENTS offers the PLANEX™ 1064 nm narrow linewidth external cavity laser. The design is based on RIO’s proprietary planar technology and...

LDP-V 240-100

For applications in which high power pulsed laser diodes are utilised in a compact environment, we are proud to supply an extensive range of PicoLAS...

FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MVstereo

Laser based image processing is the new and exciting technique of quality control and item recognition, and thanks to advances in camera and laser...

Square Fiber PLD

Through the use of a square optical fibre, we are proud to manufacture pulsed laser diodes with homogenised beam profiles at 905nm and, as a new...

Laser optics are commonly optimised for a single wavelength. When using frequency multiplying lasers, however, laser optics must be optimised for...

To complement our wide range of high performance optical coatings, we are pleased to be working alongside Omega Optical to provide ultra-wide...

Offering a high brightness, high quality and high reliability solution for applications in Raman spectroscopy, laser pumping and laser therapy, LASER...


We now offer the PEFA-EOLA series of Erbium doped fibre amplifiers which are eye-safe amplifiers designed for long pulse operation like LiDAR, wind...

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