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Photonics News Magazine - Issue 63

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Dear Colleagues

This 63rd edition of Photonics News features the information age with particular focus on data communication over networks and datacentres, connecting intelligent sensors to robots to reduce the reliance on direct human intervention. Such anticipated growth in this demanding technology requires standards to be created and systems of practice devised. We present an interesting insight and suggest how some of our partner suppliers’ and LASER COMPONENTS’ products can support this growth industry.

The demand to squeeze more data at ever increasing speeds around the world, and off-world with orbiting satellites, is considerably challenging. This places more and more demand on the infrastructure, components and devices, as well as on diagnostic tools which must increasingly operate in real-time at sub-millisecond speeds to interpret faults and intervene with corrective actions to prevent otherwise mayhem in areas affected, such as banking, automotive flow and medical procedures to name a few.

It remains fascinating that so much of our daily lives involve the use of light, even photons when thinking of quantum applications so very much a buzz at the moment. Measuring micro-gravity using lasers shining on cold atoms hopes to provide a whole new range of sensors and imaging systems.
Light is being used in an increasingly greater number of applications, not just with sensors themselves but the data they generate often to be gathered and interpreted at some distant location. We may still be a long way off from light’s limiting constant - the speed of light - but it feels like an exponential explosion, and we are delighted to be part of this growth supplying components and products to our photonic industry.


Chris Varney
Managing Director, Laser Components (UK), Ltd.

Single Channel Current Mode Pyroelectric Detector

Since its founding in 1982, LASER COMPONENTS has specialised in IR sensors for use in flame detection devices. We manufacture lead sulphide detectors...

Large Area APDs

Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are very sensitive semiconductors that exploit the photoelectric effect to convert light to electricity and are the...

Thermopile Detector

Every object radiates heat in the form of electromagnetic waves with the wavelength of the light emitted depending on temperature. Radiation...


With a fibre-guided continuous-wave luminous flux of over 150 lumens, the ALBALUX FM white light laser module allows precise, high-contrast...

ProView LD

LASER COMPONENTS offers the new ProView LD™ from our partner NorthLab. This highly advanced interferometer measures and inspects fibre end faces with...

Pump Combiner

Lightel’s high-power pump combiners are mainly used to combine the power of several multimode lasers and thus obtain delivery and pump fibres with a...

Eyewear Holder

Not only do technicians want comfort knowing that their laser safety eyewear will protect them from otherwise blinding light sources, but the product...

The SEEPOS from SiTek is a versatile PSD signal processing tool designed to be ideal for users who want a simple system to become familiar with the...

LDP-AC Series

PicoLAS has introduced its latest LDP-AC series to their portfolio of laser diode drivers, responding to the increasing LiDAR demands in automotive,...

The Mini-Chrom range of monochromators from LASER COMPONENTS offers a simple and very cost-effective wavelength selection solution. Supplied in a...

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