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Diff|2 – New Line of Differential Pyroelectric Detectors


Plug-and-Play Version with Integrated Two-Stage Amplifier

For better implementation in existing systems, LASER COMPONENTS now offers its innovative LD21xx series of Differential Pyros as a Diff|2 version with a classic 3-pin housing. Like with the 4-pin models, the charge carriers on the top and bottom of the chip are amplified separately, which leads to a 50% improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio. The difference of the new Diff|2 (LD2120) detectors is that both signals are fed into a differential amplifier within the housing. Thus, the outward design of the component matches the familiar appearance with single supply, ground and a single output pin.

The patent pending technology for differential pyroelectric detectors was developed by the LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group. Since the signals of both chip sides are amplified separately, the detector signal is doubled, while the background noise only increases by a factor of 1.4. This leads to significant improvements in the sensibility of IR analysis devices. The separate signal outputs of the 4-pin LD2100 detector render it insensitive to interference currents. On the other hand, many existing designs are still based on the classic 3-pin design.

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