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Optomechanical Mounts


LASER COMPONENTS has manufactured high quality coated laser optics in house since 1986. For the majority of applications, optomechanical components will be required to integrate these optics precisely and easily into the beam path.
Basic optical mounts serve as an inexpensive option that feature a simple design for high stability and ease of use. For applications which require a higher level of precision and adjustability, multiaxially adjustable mounts are available, allowing optics to be easily tilted along two to four axes. Our range is sure to include an option for just about any simple mirror, prism, cube or wave-plate, with metric or imperial thread options, and adaptors available for different diameter optics.
To complete your setup, we have beam steering sets, laser module mounts, optics bench sliders and base plates as well as a vast selection of additional optomechanical accessories.


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Optomechanical Mounts


Contact Person:    Samuel Thienel
Company:    LASER COMPONENTS (UK) Ltd.
Address:    Goldlay House 114 Parkway
Postcode / City:    CM2 7PR Chelmsford Essex
Phone:    +44 1245 491499
Fax:    +44 1245 491801

High-stability kinematic mount - TN series

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