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Filters for Specific Applications

Photolithographic and astronomic filters are available in this section. The different optical filters available are as versatile as the applications are varied.

Astronomic Filters

Astronomic filters are mostly customer-specific bandpass filters.

Filters for Specific Applications

Astronomic filters are characterized by features like high imaging quality, precise and steep edges, materials suitable for outer space, and large mechanical dimensions.

Specifications of Astronomic Filters:

  • Wavefront aberration: 1/4 per inch
  • Wedge angle: < 30 arc seconds
  • Planarity: 1/4 per inch
  • Surface quality: E/E defined according to MIL-C-48497A
  • R typically < 0.5% for the improvement of transmission & reduction of ghost images
  • Anti-reflection coating
    Durability: Abrasion according to Mil-C-48497A (cheesecloth test)


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