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Lens Systems

Our lens systems include objectives for beam expansion, F-Theta lenses (i.e., scan lenses or lens systems for use in galvo systems), and achromatic lens systems.

The fixed expander is inexpensive
Continuous 2x to 8x magnification

Beam Expanders for CO2 Lasers

Beam expander for CO2 lasers with fixed, variable or zoom magnification and ZnSe optics.

Lens Systems

Beam expanders have two main purposes in the laser industry.

  • Increased power density in the focal point
  • Beam guidance over long distances

Beam expanders consist of two lenses that are built according to the Galileo principle and therefore do not generate an intermediate focus. These systems are suited for typical medium power levels of up to 100 W. There are different designs:


Fixed expanders are inexpensive systems in which the focussing range cannot be readjusted. Compensating for the divergence/convergence of the incident beam is not possible.

With variable expanders, the spacing between the lenses can be modified to compensate for the divergence of the incident beam. The total length can vary by ± 3 mm.

In zoom expanders an infinitely variable magnification level can be set ranging from 2 to 8 times the original size. Due to the high variability, these expanders are quite common in the laboratory.

The expanders are variable. That is to say, compensating for divergence/convergence is possible.

When used in reverse, beam expanders can reduce the beam diameter.

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