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Filters for Specific Applications

Photolithographic and astronomic filters are available in this section. The different optical filters available are as versatile as the applications are varied.

Interference Filters for Clinical Chemistry

Interference filters with a full width half maximum of 8 nm and 3 nm as well as an optical density of OD5 at a transmission of >90%.

Filters for Specific Applications

Our partner, Omega Optical, has developed a series of interference filters for clinical chemistry and biomedicine. The two basic versions feature an excellent signal-to-noise ratio at competitive prices.

8 nm Full Width at Half Maximum with OD5

The first type of interference filters, which has a full width at half maximum of 8 nm, was developed according to the industry standard. With a suppression rate of 1:100,000, the blocking of this filter is superior to conventional filters. 

3 nm Bandpass with OD5 Blocking

The second type has a full width at half maximum of 3 nm, which leads to a higher degree of selectivity and delivers more precise measurement results. The suppression rate of the blocked wavelengths is 1:100,000.

These filters are available in standard ring diameters of 10 mm, 12.7 mm, and 15 mm as well as with an edge length of 6 mm as a quadratic version.

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