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Uncoated Substrates

A substrate is the basic component of a laser optic. Plano substrates, curved substrates for mirrors, lenses for laser and sensor applications, and prisms are all available for delivery. A coating can be applied to all of these substrates.

Used for focussing and dispersing light in sensor applications
Well suited for low power lasers

Lenses of Normal Quality

Inexpensive substrates for sensor applications or simple imaging tasks.

Uncoated Substrates

Not all applications require the highest quality levels of optics. For such cases, LASER COMPONENTS offers substrates of "normal quality."

These inexpensive substrates are adequate for sensor applications or simple imaging tasks. As always, all optics can be coated at LASER COMPONENTS.

Plano-convex and Plano-concave Lenses
Plano-convex and plano-concave lenses are preferred to biconvex or biconcave lenses because they are less expensive. They are suited for applications in sensor technology or applications with long focal lengths. Their imaging qualities for these tasks are adequate.

Biconvex and Biconcave Lenses
Biconconvex and biconcave lenses are used if a short focal length has to be achieved with a large lens diameter. The refractive power of the lens is achieved by the two radii of curvature rcc and rcx (see also the drawing).

Because both sides of the lens are curved, a single curvature is not as strong as in plano-concave/plano-convex lenses of the same focal length. The aberrations of the biconcave/biconvex lenses are therefore smaller, which is crucial for many applications.

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Lenses from Laser Components

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures lenses in house. Here you can find more information about our production facility.

Production Facility