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Active & Passive Components

Couplers, WDMs, attenuators, isolators, and circulators are passive optical components. In addition to these parts, we also offer active components such as optical switches.


Mini In-Line Power Monitor for Optical Fibres

The mini in-line power monitor is one of the smallest and most precise in-line monitors for use in optical fibres for performance monitoring and stabilization.

In-Line Power Monitors

The innovative and compact in-line optical power monitor of Agiltron’s ILPM series is ideal for precise power measurement in optical fibres. Based on a patent-pending design, light is coupled out of the fibre via a tab without bending or disruption. This technology allows for the highest performance with very low insertion loss, as well as low polarization and wavelength dependence. High directivity and variable tab conditions can be achieved; in addition, low cost and high reliability make these components an extraordinary product. The housing is made of ceramic and a stable tab with a photodiode. The component is certified according to GR1209 and GR1201 standards.

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