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Fibre Optic Lab Equipment

Different measurement devices are used to test optical fibres. In addition to analyzers and power measurement devices, optical sources that can be readout with the help of monitors are also used.

Mobile Power Monitors

These patented power monitors represent a unique solution for the in-line power measurement of a fibre optic line.

Fibre Optic Power Meter

The 500 series precisely measures the power level of light in a fibre optic connection. In-situ measurement eliminates the need to interrupt the optical path to measure power. These instruments are equipped with FC/APC connectors. For OEM applications, components for in-line power measurement are also available (upon request) with connectors or with an FC/APC connection.


  • Low insertion loss (less than 0.2 dB), minimum impact on system performance
  • Three-year battery life for long-term use in the laboratory or field
  • Digital display: Large display for absolute power or relative measurements, wavelength, and sampling rate
  • Universal adapters: Enable quick cleaning and plug change (FC/APC)
  • Compact, light, and can be easily attached with a magnet, for example
  • USB connection option: The devices can be configured and read out externally (optional software and drivers required); in addition, the power can be supplied via USB with appropriate software and driver (optional)
  • Available with FC/APC connectors only

  • Isolation of power measurement in a bidirectional path: SM devices can measure light in one direction of propagation while minimally affecting the light that runs in both directions
  • Laboratory and diagnostics: “Plug in and forget”
  • Telecommunication: Multiple wavelengths and power classes
  • FTTX/FTTH monitor, remote controlled
  • Defense/military: Calibration of equipment without having to open the plugs
  • Automatic feedback control: Use of readout data to control laser power

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