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Optical Fibre Processing

We offer tools for a large variety of different types of fibre processing:

This includes the stripping of fibre claddings, the cleaning and cleaving of fibres, and splicing or polishing, depending on the application. Microscopes and/or interferometers are used in the analysis of fibre end surfaces.

We have tools available for all stages of processing, both for field applications and applications in the laboratory. We cover the entire range of fibre diameters to 1.2 mm.

Endface Prep Station II from 3SAE

Polisher for large-diameter fibres

High-performance polisher for large-diameter fibre processing in factory applications.

Fibre Polishing

The Endface Prep Station (EPS) II was developed by 3SAE for special fibres that do not have a round cross-section or that have an inner structure that would become damaged when used with conventional cleavers.

This device utilizes a special method of processing fibres based on a polishing technique with which it is possible to polish surfaces both at 0° and at an angle of up to 15°. Consistent results are even achieved for fibres that are not rotationally symmetrical; the end surfaces are flat and highly polished.

The EPS II is used in the preparation of large-core fibres for splicing and other applications for which flat fibre end surfaces are required. The polisher is controlled by either standard programs or individual programs designed for special fibres that can be stored in the unit. Operation of these devices is easy and does not require special knowledge: the user navigates the menu displayed on an LCD.

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