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Filters for Specific Applications

Photolithographic and astronomic filters are available in this section. The different optical filters available are as versatile as the applications are varied.

Rugate Filters

Rugate Filters

Rugate filters feature particularly low ripples in the transmission band; this has a positive effect on signal analysis.

Filters for Specific Applications

Rugate filters are manufactured using a still rather new coating technology. The most notable difference between these filters and conventional filters is their layer composition.

Rugate filters are based on a continuously modulated refractive index, while in traditional processes materials of high and low refractive indices alternate in L/4-layers. One advantage of rugate filters is their low ripples in the transmission band.

Significant transmission losses thus no longer have to be taken into consideration during signal analysis.


  • Wavelengths 250-2500 nm
  • Transmission > 95%
  • OD6 blocking

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