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Laser Alignment Systems

Laser alignment system. Alignment using a laser system has many advantages. Laser alignment systems are highly precise and can be applied flexibly with ease.

STRAIGHTliner FAR - Laser Alignment System

STRAIGHTliner FAR Alignment System

Laser alignment system for straightness and evenness measurements at long distances of up to 200 m.

Laser Alignment Systems

STRAIGHTliner FAR is a suitable measuring device for straightness and evenness measurements for long distances of up to 200 meters.

Fields of application include, for example, straightness measurements of rails, machines, cranes, or elevators.

This alignment system is equipped with an extra-large detector and wireless Bluetooth for connection to a PC with easy-to-use Windows software featuring  graphic representations that are easily visible even from a distance. A long-range laser module is used that can also be focused at long distances of up to 200 m to a dot diameter of less than 15 mm.

Thanks to a continuous measurement and display, it is also possible to make alignments “live” using the STRAIGHTliner FAR.

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