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Optomechanical Mounts

Optomechanics covers many fields. Optical mounts, mirror mounts, kinematic mounts, slides, accessories for optical benches and much more are available.

The Optical Bench

Both optical tables and rail mounting systems with sliders are commonly used in the positioning of optical components.

Optomechanical Mounts

Both perforated boards used to stably fixate components with screw threads and rail mounting systems with sliding elements are suitable for use in the positioning of optical components.

The rails are available in different sizes. A compact system is available for microassemblies. For larger or heavier optics, more robust rails should be used.

  • Optical rails with and without scaling
  • Various sliding systems available
  • Rail lengths: 70 mm to 1 m
  • Extension with optional connector units available

When selecting a rail system, the compatibility of the sliders used must be taken into account.

The sliders are available in varying widths with different hole patterns for the fixation of mounts or angle supports.

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