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iXBlue Photonics helps photonics engineers around the world to get the most out of the light by providing high performance, innovative and reliable photonic solutions.  They offer specialty fibres, Bragg gratings and optical modulation solutions based on the company integrated modulators for a variety of applications including: optical communications (inc. deployment on satellites), fibre lasers and amplifiers, fibre optic sensors, and research.

iXBlue Photonics results from the acquisition and merging of the former companies iXFiber and Photline. The expanded team is fully dedicated to photonics, and has extensive experience in technologies including fibre preform processing, fibre drawing, waveguide wafer processing, RF design and components packaging.  Gathered in a single organisation, this team is in a strong position to leverage its synergies and offer new, complete fibre optic solutions to its customers.