Laser Components Canada, Inc.

905 nm laser diodes
Pulsed high-power laser diodes at 905 nm with AlGaAs structure

Peak power, peak performance

From a business that started 2002  in a dark empty warehouse in Montreal. With only a plan and  plenty of enthusiasm we are now a respected manufacturer and innovator of high power pulsed laser diodes serving a wide range of global applications. We took over as market leader in this area.

Many factors have contributed to our success, but foremost has been the remarkable effectiveness of our focused and determined team here in Canada, working in conjunction with our equally motivated distribution groups, LC GmbH and LCIG.

LCC is an ISO-9001 certified fab-less operation; all the assembly, test, verification and product development is based in our facility, but our partners are responsible for growing our material, often to our own recipe. Others will process it and yet another has expertise in applying high power-resistant coatings to the laser facets. In this way we have been able to utilize world class expertise, provide flexibility for security of supply while keeping costs competitive.


The Management Team
Jeff Briton has been CEO of Laser Components Canada, Inc., since 2015; in the same year, Jean-Francois Boucher took over as CTO. Paul Rainbow is still available to the management team as president of the company. In his role as the first managing director of LC Canada, Inc., he set up production so as to allow maximum flexibility in the manufacture of PLDs. He established the production of reliable custom products designed to meet customers’ specific needs – both for the large series production of consumer products and the production of small quantities used in special applications.


New Products and Short Delivery Time
LASER COMPONENTS Canada has set a new benchmark in terms of quality, flexibility, and customer-specific solutions at affordable prices.

The result of this strategy has been a steady stream of new product launches starting with our 905nm single stripe lasers  to multi-chip stacks and then to multijunction devices, all in hermetic metal packages. At this wavelength, more than fifty combinations of package style and chip configuration are available usually within a four week lead time. Early in our development we also established a 1550nm pulsed laser product, which has become a benchmark for high power and reliability. 850nm pulsed lasers have recently become available. Custom products are the mainstream of our business; adapting to the customers needs from a select test to a special wavelength or packaging solution. Combinations with powerful drive electronics are also available.


Field of Application
Our customers are global and as varied as the applications. Lasers are supplied for traffic sensing, speed detection, range finders for golfers to high end military products, weapons training and systems, medical therapy, industrial light curtains, robotics and for measuring the height of clouds in airports.  Increasingly pulse laser diodes are being employed in automotive applications such as adaptive cruise control and blind spot warning.

Our corporate vision is “To build a strong manufacturing group that is responsive to the needs of the industry”. The group is in place and we shall continue to strive to meet the needs of our partners. Development of new technologies to increase the brightness of our products is a primary goal across the entire wavelength range.

We look forward to growing our business for the next five years with our suppliers and customers as partners.