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Life Sciences/Medicine

Modern imaging systems help scientists unveil the last secrets of the human body. Their understanding of cellular and molecular processes provides doctors and medical engineers with valuable insights for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures – many of them using the advantages of laser technology.

Positioning of Patients

In radiation therapy, line lasers are used to position a patient in a magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) or computer tomograph (CT).

Positioning of Patients

The exact position of the patient is extremely critical in exposing the patient to the correct radiation dosage.

Line lasers or cross-hair lasers with red or green wavelengths are particularly well suited for positioning purposes. The emissions produced by laser class 1 laser modules are harmless to the patient and are, therefore, often used. Line lasers are commonly integrated into a complete system with optical monitoring. Thanks to the use of intelligent software, the patient can even be shifted automatically.

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