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Team USA

LASER COMPONENTS USA, Inc. experienced a very successful 2012 year. Significant revenue growth was realized at what we think is impressive at...

Kidney stones are effectively shattered using shock waves. These shock waves are being created more and more with the help of laser systems (i.e.,...

Wavelengths between 400 nm and 450 nm are becoming more and more popular in machine vision applications. Blue line lasers provide a strong contrast,...

The nanoparticle polarizers produced by CODIXX AG feature wideband performance for the UV, Vis, NIR, or Mid-IR spectral regions. To improve...

A very small, safe and accurate controller for Peltier thermoelectric cooler (TEC) modules. An ultra low-drift chopper amplifier maintains ± 0.001 K...

Fiber-coupled PLD with high coupling efficiency!

Diode lasers are inexpensive, energy saving, and easy to operate; therefore, they present a viable alternative to conventional lasers. However, laser...

Diffractive Vortex element

Lasers have Gaussian-shaped beam profiles; this is often hindering in material processing. Diffractive optical elements are used to convert them into...

Increased production output and optimized manufacturing capacities have led to tumbling prices. Small production quantities of pulsed laser modules...

Precise measurement technology in a compact measurement setup: this describes the new P-CUBEs! Low-noise, sensitive PIN photodiodes are housed in...

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