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Gary Hayes

With so many new products featured in this Photonics News I have just enough space left to announce the winner of our last issue‘s raffle. Drum...

The successful introduction of the unique patterned colorPol® polarizer in 2002 did open a wide field of applications. With its steady development...

LASER COMPONENTS revamped InGaAs and extended InGaAs photo-diode technology, which has led to the development of not only the components themselves...

Photon Counting Module COUNT<sup>®</sup> NIR

If conventional detectors are unable to distinguish between signal and noise, then single-photon detectors are used. These detectors (e.g.,...

Laser beams often have to be split into two or more partial beams – and sometimes even yield different power levels! The following options are...

Small, smaller, smallest: These are the attributes of all laser modules produced by LASER COMPONENTS. For decades, we have been the number one choice...

With the new fiber coupler from LASER COMPONENTS, it is possible to easily couple light into a fiber without having to readjust it every time you...

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