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Gary Hayes

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at Photonics West in San ­Francisco, the biggest event in the photonics industry. An amazing show is...

COUNT<sup>®</sup> T

In time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC), single photons are not only counted, but the time of detection is also determined based on a...

In laser optics, most people are familiar with the trend toward smaller and smaller components and, thus, toward laser systems that are more and more...

NOX The Robot

Our damage threshold measuring station is designed according to ISO 21254: For this purpose, we have a laser available with wavelengths of 1064 nm...


Popular demand for ­colorPol® VIS 600 BC4 products has driven development of the next generation for this sucessful material.colorPol® VIS 600 BC5 is...


Our new partner Helioworks manufactures the following types of IR emitters: EK series: In these cw-operated emitters, the emitting element is made...

FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MVmicro Dig

The FLEXPOINT® laser modules that are equipped with a microcontroller carry the addition “DIG.” The MVmicro DIG series was the first series of image...


The brand-new ILM12F laser modules are focusable and equipped with green laser light. They are available as cross-hair lasers, line lasers, and...

CUBE Series

They are available for avalanche photodiodes, InGaAs PIN photodiodes, PbSe detectors, pyroelectric detectors, and now also for pulsed laser diodes:...

PicoLAS has specialized in the development and production of drivers for diode lasers for over 10 years. The drivers range from ultra-short pulse...

We offer small, low cost, green and blue laser modules for use in a variety of applications. Operating at 450 nm or 520 nm, at either 1 mw or 5 mW...


The story of LASER ­COMPONENTS ­Canada began more than a decade ago: It was a time when it was difficult to obtain start-up capital from banks in...

PbS/PbSe Detector in TO-46 housing

Effective immediately, we offer a PbSe detector in a 4.7 mm TO-46 housing. Up to now, the smallest available size was an 8.3 mm housing. This new...


Matching our high-end/low-cost pulsed laser diodes at 905 nm, we also offer Si avalanche photodiodes in a compact SMD housing. The dimensions are...

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