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Photonics News Magazine - Issue 38

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Look into the Future…

…is something that every businessperson would happily venture if only to better protect their investment decisions.When we at LASER COMPONENTS review our data, and analyze our indicators, we do not have any reason to doubt that business will continue to develop positively. We experienced the same energy at the latest SPIE Photonics West, the world’s premiere conference and exhibition in optics and photonics, welcoming over 23,000 researchers and industry professionals. The comprehensive conference covers more than 4,700 presentations, giving center stage to brain research, LEDs to streamline data to computers, additive manufacturing, and much more. During one of the industry events, public affairs specialists also reported on continued funding in the U.S.A for advanced manufacturing, cancer research, and a 10-year authorization for the BRAIN initiative with an optics and photonics roadmap. Being part of this dynamic event, we have introduced more than 6 new product developments and innovations, targeting LiDAR, material processing, spectroscopy, 3D vision, …
All applications that are considered game changers in the near future.

How is it that we are still able to glimpse so positively into the future, and how do we strengthen our upcoming investments?

In the past few years, LASER COMPONENTS has completed the transition from an exclusive sales office to one of the leading components manufacturers. Last year, the percentage of the products manufactured in house (of the entire Laser Components Group taken together) was more than 70%. Over the course of the past few years, we have also been able to establish many key technologies in house.

Photonic applications are an integral part of everyday life and play an increasingly crucial role in consumer products. Lasers and detectors will be integrated more and more into products in the automobile industry, smartphones, and, most recently, the rapidly-growing drone market. Due to its existing technology pool, LASER COMPONENTS is an extremely attractive supplier. The growth potential is quite large due to these untapped market possibilities.
The contribution our components already make to increasing safety measures in everyday life is described in this edition.


Gary Hayes
CEO/General Manager, Laser Components USA, Inc.

Optoelectronic Security Technologies

  • Commercial Applications of Drones
    From package delivery to civil protection
  • Autonomous Flight
    Distance measurements prevent collisions
  • Automatic Doors and Safety
    High-tech equipment is responsible when doors open automatically
  • Personal Protection through Laser Scanner
    Safety at the workplace

Security Technologies with IR Light

  • Alcohol Test Directly in the Car
    Other countries, other technologies
  • The Agony of Choice
    Select a suitable IR Detector

Industry News

  • Latest Updates from LASER COMPONENTS and Partners

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The new diffractive double-spot elements from Holo/OR have an efficiency of 97%; previous standard versions only achieved 81%....


The FLEXPOINT® Mini series is now also available with laser diodes at a wavelength of 520 nm. The output power level can be customized to meet your...

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